Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Songs

I love details. It drives my husband crazy! I love planning details. I sometimes wish I could have been engaged for longer just so I could have ooed and gooed more over all the details. I had an extremely short engagement. It was about three months. Jon was really excited to have me all to himself. He said, "if he would have given me more time, I might have had enough time to think about it and decide not to go through with it." Fat chance! I love him too much. I would have just used the time to plan more details. I'm sure that I drove Jon and my mother crazy. Although, you do only get married once! Now I love to ask brides about all their little detials. I love to know what's in and what I might have done differently if I were to get married this year instead of in 2005. My last bride had the cutest song for their couples dance. Once she told me it, I listened to it for days. And of course then I listened to Jon and mine song. I don't know if Jon realizes it's our song because he came in and saw it on youtube and said, "I don't like that music video." To that I say, "tough!" As the girl I am in charge of choosing our song and any other detail! We once got in a fight about a green blender that he has never lived down.

This is mine and Jon song. I've deleted the youtube link because it took too much space on my blog but it's Bright Eyes First day of my Life.

Here is another song that we put on our wedding video. I think it's really cute. This is a cover but the original is by Rhett Miller/Old 97's. The song is called Question

This was the song that my last bride choose for their song. It's The way I am.

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I would love to make a mix tape of love songs. So if you have a great wedding love song let me know!
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Folks Photography April 9, 2009 at 6:20 AM  

love these! Ingrid's "The Way I Am" is ALL of my brides' top song lately haha it's so cute! some other top ones are of course by the lovely colbie calliat. we just can't get enough of her. love these songs! i agree, i wish i had more time to plan our wedding details as well. we planned in about 2 months. i definitely live vicariously through my brides now :) that MAY be why i love photography so much :)

great post!

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