Monday, June 29, 2009

Emily's Bat Mitzvah

Last Saturday it was a pleasure to be part of Emily's Bat Mitzvah. She is a wonderful girl. One of the smartest, most mature, practical, but still extremely fun thirteen year olds I've ever meet. I did learn a couple of things by photographing my first Bat Mitzvah. One being I really wish I would have taken a World Religions class at BYU. Then I wouldn't have asked so many dumb questions. Ok-just so the rest of you know. And I swear somewhere in my little blonde head I knew it too, but I was nervous and asked both of these questions in a row. "So would they have a copy of the Torah at home." The Rabbi answered yes the would have it in book version not on the roll like this one here is. I think this was the kindest way he could have answered because later I overheard in the ceremony that the Torah is the first five books of the old testement. So in actuality I have the Torah in book form at home too. I felt completely stupid. I the next question I asked was, "Is the Torah in Latin." Oh no it's in Hebrew. If I was thinking I would have known. But know I will never forget and I must admit that Emily's talk inspired me to brush up on my old testement.
more to come (I have the best of intentions to come back and add more photos), but I most post it now or it might never happen.


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