Sunday, September 14, 2008


Seeing the olympics end made me think of these. My husband and I lived in China for the second year of marriage. It was a wonderful experience. And I can say that now that I've been home for about a year. China is a hard place to get use to. It smelled, was very hot and humid, cultural differences, and I didn't like the food. Now that I've been home I'm missing China. I miss cheap taxies, subways, fresh fruit, and the close conections we made there. My husband is studying law at the U. He hopes to practise in Beijing. I love Beijing. I love the city and the culture there. Here are a few photos of Beijing.
I didn't like Nanjing as much. It is still more old traditional china. Nan (South) Jing (Capital) was the old capital of china. These photos were taken outside of the Presidental Palace. I guess you could think of it as the forbidden city of Nanjing.


Alisha Stamper September 14, 2008 at 10:01 PM  

oh my goodness! i've been blogstalking you for like a month now. I'm glad you that happened upon my little attempts at photographing again. I think your photobooth is spectacular. So very amazing! Lets seriously hang! Where are you living? email me!

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