Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Newton Machine

I love Topshop! It's a shopping store in the UK. I absolutely love their clothes, so I signed up to get their newsletter sent to my email. Topshop is hosting a "Newton Machine" to honor Helmut Newton. Come to find out Helmut Newton was reputed to be one of the most expensive photographers ever, demanding £100,000 to £200,000 per day, plus expenses. (why didn't I learn about him in a photography class? ahem--byu photo teachers) Anyway a "Newton Machine" (I love when photographers name things after themself--another favorite is the rayogram by Man Ray) is a machine; well, a camera, lights, tripod, huge mirror, and a twenty foot long cable release that lets the models take photos of themselves. Basically it was a way for him still to get paid his exorbinant amount of 200,000 pounds a day and not do anything. I thought it was a very fun idea and wasn't that unsimilar to my photo booth idea. Now I just need a huge mirror and a long cable realese and we are in business to bring a "Newton Machine" to your wedding. Brilliant! This is why it pays to go shopping!

Here is a link to see a Newton Machine in full swing. It looks like a ton of fun!


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